Thursday, July 21, 2005


List of sites!

Every now and then, I need to update the list of machine knitting sites in the machine knitting ring. If you have a machine knitting blog, you can join too. You can find feeds for these sites at Machine Knit Blog News.

If you have a question or find a dead link in the ring, please leave a comment. I think I've organized that to send me comments.

Here is the list:
  1. The Knitting Fiend Join Date: April 04, 2005
    I design patterns and post them. (I also run the ring, so if you have questions, visit my blog, and email me!)
  2. Xona Fusion Knitting Join Date: January 28, 2005
    Running monologue (almost daily) on my adventures in machine knitting, hand knitting, sewing, felting, dyeing, spinning, anything to do with textiles. I try not to get political. I try not to bore you with my personal life.
  3. Bouvier Tricot Join Date: February 08, 2005
    Dedicated to Dogs - my Bouvier des Flandres ZOE! - and Knitting - my two passions. Daily journals with photos to keep my friends called family up-to-date on what I have going on and information and advice for hand and machine knitters on techniques and the development/progress of projects I am working on.
  4. knutty4knitting Join Date: February 07, 2005
  5. nurturingneedles Join Date: March 07, 2005
    simple sewing and machine knitting and examples of my marbled fabric.Original patterns for sewing and MK as well as my works in progress.
  6. Fibrespates Join Date: March 08, 2005
    A blog about knitting, hand and machine, spinning, dyeing, weaving and felting.
  7. Knitting Dreams Join Date: April 06, 2005
    Thoughts on machine knitting, hand knitting, crochet, and other various fiber arts.
  8. Jussi's knitting circle Join Date: April 06, 2005
    Trying to combine my love of knitting ( machine and hand) with my mad family life as an expat kiwi in Sydney.
  9. wendcats weblog Join Date: June 05, 2005
  10. Rachael Barman Join Date: July 21, 2005
    A site made by a relatively knew machine knitter who likes to share successes and disasters so that others are inspired and encouraged to take up this enjoyable, creative hobby.
  11. Once Upon a Time... A Journey to Middle England Join Date: July 21, 2005
    Knitting and Gardening in Central England.

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